Steve Jobs

The founder of Apple, owner of a multimillion-dollar state and one of the greatest minds of our time Steve jobs was never an excellent student. And College young Steve and is expelled after the first semester.
Bill Gates

Dollar millionaire, the founder of Microsoft and the smartest programmer bill gates, the school was considered to be a lagging student. Instead of hard work in the class young was Beaten for hours staring out the window and ignored the comments of the teachers.
Sergei Korolev

The famous designer, Creator of the geophysical and ballistic missiles, the designer of the world’s first satellites and spacecraft “Voskhod” and “East” in school did not differ perseverance, and his constant score was “three”.
Harrison Ford

A rich producer, owner of the award “Oscar” and one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood Harrison Ford in high school and in College studied very badly, and the only thing that interested future actor was acting classes.
Donald Trump

A rich businessman, the President of America and the idol of millions Donald trump in school loved to talk back to teachers, and to acquire knowledge was not considered a necessity. The situation changed when her parents moved restless of Donald in the military Academy. Here, the future multimillionaire gained friends, learned to be disciplined and showed interest in the Sciences.

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