5G can be used, however, only in four cities.

In the United States launched the first ever commercial network of the fifth generation. Mobile operator Verizon Wireless announced the launch of the service Verizon 5G Home in four major U.S. cities: Los Angeles, Houston, Sacramento and Indianapolis.

Initially, Verizon Wireless is suggested users to use access networks 5G for home use. Thanks to the technology mmWave operator was able to provide their customers with wireless home Internet with peak speed of 1 Gbps. the Operator promises that the average speed will be about 300 Mbps.

Most interestingly, the first three months of the Verizon subscribers will be able to use rapidly a fast connection absolutely for free. Then the monthly fee for a home connection 5G will be $50 per month for existing subscribers.

This device accepts 5G

When Verizon wireless will provide mobile communications 5G is not specified. Earlier it was reported that the first public network can be opened within the next two years. However, no reliable information has not been received.

In Russia, the first commercial 5G network will be launched by 2020.

Source: Verizon Wireless.


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