6.1-inch iPhone 9, as befits a conventionally available model will not be a design revelation. This is indicated by photos of the layout of the new published edition SlashLeaks. The future smartphone will absorb almost all the achievements of Apple, which she used in models of current generation.

On images shows that iPhone 9 will be something of a cross between the iPhone X and iPhone 8. On the rear panel of the smartphone will house a single module of the main camera, whose lens looks much better than the iPhone 8. Perhaps it has something to do with the larger than last year’s model, matrix.

iPhone 9

Despite the fact that the final design of the smartphone may be different from that shows the layout, count on cardinal changes is not worth it. If any happens, it likely will cover only minor elements of a new kind of metal frame, which can lose a chrome color.

Available iPhone

It is expected that Apple will be able to reduce the cost of production of the iPhone 9 due to the refusal of a number of “frills”. For example, conventionally available, the model will be LCD, not OLED-display with a thick frame, aluminum frame instead of the iron, and — not excluded — smaller in comparison with the older versions of RAM.


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