Apple may introduce new MacBook Pro which will get the improved keyboard. Update needs to solve long-standing problems with the keyboards-“the butterflies”. This Twitter announced a software developer for Apple devices Guillermo Rambo.

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) 11 may 2019.

How soon do you think will be the new MacBook Pro? At least with a redesigned keyboard?

These problems occur in 2016, when the first MacBook Pro with this realization of the input system. Last year, Apple has updated the keyboard to the third generation, reducing its noise. However, reliability is not improved.

It is assumed that the new version of the keyboard will be stronger and more reliable than existing models. However, it is not specified, when the novelty will enter the market and what changes will be made to the design.

It is expected that the announcement may take place at the June conference for developers WWDC. However, even if the presentation takes place, then the finished model will have to wait.

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