Revealed the name and some specifications of the future of the mobile processor Apple. User under the name Longhorn, known for his leaks, said that the product is called Apple A13 (Yes, in Cupertino bad fantasy). The new chip runs under the index Cebu T8030 and is equipped with two types of cores. Most likely, a diagram of the two clusters for different tasks.

A13’Apple’s codename as a whole is Cebu. It has Thunder and Lightning cores.

— Longhorn (@never_released) November 26, 2018

The code name for Apple A13 is Cebu. The processor has a kernel Thunder and Lighting.

Novelty, as stated, will be made at the 7-nanometer process technology and will receive the support of the AFT Protocol (Apple Filing Protocol). It is used in macOS for remote file access that may be a hint of denial from Intel and translation of “Apple” laptops and computers on their own chips.

Other technical aspects like clock speed, number of cores and other things are not reported. However, we can assume that the novelty will be much more productive all mobile chips, including A12X, which is installed in the fresh iPad Pro. By the way, in the company of this processor in gaming performance compared with the Xbox One.

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