Learned the screen resolution of the Apple Watch Series 4, you provide have been seeing rumors that the new Apple Watch will be a larger screen. Almost without framework.

It’s even been confirmed merged renderer from 9To5Mac.

And just an hour ago a well-known developer Guillermo Rambo was able to learn with the help of updated WatchKit screen resolution.

Apple Watch Series 4 will have a screen resolution of 384×480 pic.twitter.com/qqZQK5HYbr

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) September 5, 2018

In all generations of the Apple Watch, it was 360×360 pixels. But in Series 4 figure increased to 384×480 pixels.

This implies two things: the screen will not be square, the display will uvelychytsya in size. Hmm, we are waiting for a little more than simply increasing the display?

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