The company’s engineers, using parts of the Lego sets Tests, assembled an exact copy of the Bugatti Chiron, which you can move.

Enthusiasts often use Lego as a building material for the realization of the reality of the incredible creativity of ideas. So, in the Florida Disneyland is a huge dragon opened his jaws, and presenter of Grand Tour James may built out of small parts of the whole house.

This time, the creative team of the Lego group as a promotion for the Grand Prix of Italy showed the world a copy of hypercar Bugatti Chiron. It has a removable steering wheel, opening doors, a working speedometer, spoiler, electrically and full front and rear optics.

Of course, not without third-party parts. So, when you create a metal frame was used, akumulatory and printed on a 3d printer gear. Move the design using the original wheels Bugatti.

The creation of the model has gone 13500 hours, the course went over a million parts, and the total mass of the Lego car made up half a ton.


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