The majority of Russians (89%) regularly use cash, it follows from the results of the survey “Levada-center”. Most residents of the country carry from 500 to a thousand rubles in cash.

On the second place by frequency of use after money was debit cards, including payroll and pension: they regularly pay 58% of the respondents. Another 15% pay with credit cards. The same number of respondents reported that they use the bonus program in cafes and shops. For contactless payments by mobile phone have moved 13% of survey participants. Completely cash declined only 2% of respondents.

Business FM has learned that choosing the representatives of Russian business — cash or Bank transfer. Independent Director of the company AFK “Sistema” David Yakobashvili said that selects Bank transfer for large purchases, and cash reserves, for example, to pay for Parking.

David Yakobashvili entrepreneur “I always pay my card but always have some cash because you have to pay some tip or something small to buy. In the Parking lot, for example, it is better to pay in cash. All you have to see, because the system works so that you often have to account for the credit card, where you did not pay at all, this all needs to be tracked. And when a lot of them, huge flow, you track can’t. Large payments above 100-150 euros make on the credit card, and for the pennies for pay in cash”.

Entrepreneur, restaurateur Alexander Sorkin noted that maps the past five years — is a constant companion. According to the businessman, he has 90% of payments are by card.

Alexander Sorkin entrepreneur, restaurateur “with regard to our institution, the statistics in the restaurants of the middle level, plus 80% of all payments cards. In that segment, where I live, the card is the main payment instrument. Across the country it’s hard for me to say because I’ve been outside the Moscow ring road not traveled. I know there are some restaurants that do not accept cards, but that is an exception to that very unfavorably tax authorities, so we don’t practice this, we accept almost all kinds of cards. Card — is a constant part of life and main payment tool for me.”

The head of the Russian representative office of Azimut Yachts, the owner of the furniture company Dantone Home Anton Dolotin admitted that in the last time I saw a place did not accept cards.

Anton Dolotin the head of the Russian representative office of Azimut Yachts, the owner of the furniture company Dantone Home “the Economy in the big cities completely switched to electronic payment. We as entrepreneurs only follow this trend, and I don’t even remember when in my pocket was some cash. It is comfortable, good for collecting taxes. It happens that occasionally take some small Euro on a trip for a tip, and almost never use. I am fond of Cycling: sometimes you get into some remote villages in Russia, in Europe, and I, frankly, have not seen the last time a place didn’t accept cards. If the entrepreneur is “white” business, then, in fact, entrepreneurs accept these rules”.

CEO and founder of the company Fibrum Ilya Flaks noted that combines cash and non-cash.

Last year more prevailing payment cards, Apple Pay. No need to bring a purse to wear, plus all sorts of miles, points are accumulated. But it is completely cash boards I have not yet refused, because if you go somewhere, for example, in a restaurant, the tips almost anywhere in Russia, comparing with America, it must be in the form of cash, need cash. Therefore, at least for a tip cash. A question of habit. Has long been possible, buying an apartment, to do a cashless transaction, but still afraid. To the question “why” no one sanity can not answer. Cards tomorrow are shut down, banks will go bankrupt, and cash is always with you — this is probably one of the main arguments.

— In the short term will be able to refuse cash altogether?

— In the paradigm five years, I think, Yes.

The survey showed “Levada-center”, cash prefers the older generation. The Russians under 25 years are much more likely to use contactless payments. The study involved more than 1.5 thousand residents of the 50 regions of Russia.

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