ESim technology is a promising way for further development of mobile technology, electronic profiles must be protected from interception or copying. This was stated by the “parliamentary newspaper”, the head of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin.

So Levin commented on the words of the Deputy Minister of digital development Oleg Ivanov that before the end of 2019, Russia will have a regulatory framework for implementation of technology. eSIM is an electronic built-in SIM card with a microscopic chip, which is designed to replace plastic SIM card, but only if that technology supports the mobile operator.

“The same way as it is now available to citizens clear set of procedures that prevent unauthorized use of lost SIM cards, e-eSIM profiles must be protected from interception or copying,” said Levin.

He stressed that for the end user replacing the traditional SIM card to the email should be secured by appropriate security measures, both technological and legal level.

In the Ministry of communications believe that to change the law for eSIM is not necessary. The office will prepare a Declaration of conformity module to Russian demands the use of means of communication. To start using the built-in SIM card, you will need to scan the QR code with the number given by the operator.

ESIM technology is already embedded in the Apple Watch 4, iPhone XS and XR, Google Pixel 3, various tablets and smart watches. In Russia eSIM indirectly prohibited by the Law “On communication” as the number linking to the module is considered the cloning of SIM cards.

According to the Ministry, the Russian operators will not need to build infrastructure for new technologies, but when the number is changed or the operator SIM card we need to change. In the Ministry of communications has not yet figured out how this will happen in practice.

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