An unusual new development of LG.

In recent years, smartphones have literally “grows” cameras. Not so long ago Samsung released cheap Galaxy A9 with four cameras, and Nokia started the development of a model with five compartments. Its plans to increase the number of cameras in the smartphone have LG, which has patented the design of the smartphone at once with 16 cameras.

New development of LG equips the smartphone a 16 rear camera. The idea according to LG, the camera can work in two basic modes. When shooting in the first mode, all 16 cameras will be to create a single the highest quality. In the second mode, each camera takes its own picture, and then the user is given the opportunity to choose the best.

LG to emphasize that each of the 16 cameras will have different resolution and focal length. Due to this, LG wants to significantly improve the quality of the recording on the smartphone. Including allow users to shoot full portrait photography, both on professional SLR cameras.

Whether LG plans to release a smartphone with 16 cameras in the near future, currently unknown. However, the company is working on an innovative solution and it is possible that soon LG will introduce a model with a large number of cameras.


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