LG Electronics has joined the lawsuit of the Korean Commission on fair trade KFTC against the U.S. manufacturer Qualcomm processor.

In 2016, the Commission accused Qualcomm of abuse of patents, “unfair business model” and licensing practices that violate Korean law. Chipmakers were fined in the amount of 1.03 trillion Korean won, equivalent to 915 million USD. Qualcomm did not agree with the Department and appealed the action, filing an administrative lawsuit against the KFTC.

On the side of the Agency is made by Samsung Electronics, Apple, Intel, MediaTek and Huawei. Now they were joined LG Electronics after the negotiations with Qualcomm in deadlock.

Since October of last year, KFTC and Qualcomm has already participated in 11 hearings. As expected, the final decision the court will make only a few years.

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