The company LG is ready for the global launch of a modern line of their TVs. We are talking about the new OLED TVs with premium equipped with the technology of deep learning and the liquid crystal NanoCell. The length of the diagonal in these models up to 86 inches (there is even a model with a resolution of 8K), while picture and sound — above all praise. Because it meets the artificial intelligence, which even the brightness of the screen selects the given environmental conditions, be it Sunny day or dark night. The processor is able to recognize quality content and use one of the algorithms to display it as realistic as possible.

This year representatives of the company talk about plans to sell nearly 4 million TV sets, and in each following year is to increase volumes twice. The figures are taken not from the ceiling, and were the result of the analysis of the demand observed right now. Consumers became interested in these models, so the company’s goal is to give the customer what he wants. Even if you don’t defer the purchase, wanting to wait for stronger technical or software support, because the products will be timely to get all the latest updates, including apps from Apple, Amazon and Google Alexa Assistant.

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