LG has released a new line of premium TVs 2019
Company LG Electronics has released a line of premium televisions 2019, incorporating advanced OLED and NanoCell model. This year, the share of OLED models will account for 20 percent of all premium TV company. The expected growth of demand for OLED TVs will reach 3.6 million units this year, 7 million units in 2020 and 10 million units in 2021. Due to this, LG expects to strengthen its leadership position in the segment of televisions with premium. Buyers from South Korea and the United States will be the first to take home an LG TV 2019 later this month, soon the new model will be available in major markets of Asia, Europe and South America. The cost and availability of those or other models will be announced additionally.

Offering an expanded line of the diagonals of the screens up to size 86
inches, this year’s OLED TVs from LG and NanoCell will offer improved

image quality and sound with the use of artificial intelligence technologies

(AI) due to an advanced intelligent processor, the second generation α
(Alpha) 9 Gen 2 technology and deep learning. In the middle of this year new

the LG TVs will get the update for app support Apple AirPlay 2 and
Apple HomeKit, which facilitates broadcasting of video and audio content, as well as

connecting to smart home devices from Apple. In addition, the model LG 2019

of the year will receive software update, includes smart assistant

Amazon Alexa in addition to built-in voice assistant Google Assistant.

Thus, LG is the only brand that provides simultaneous

access to both leading platforms AI without the need to install additional


Processor α9 Gen 2 OLED TVs LG series W, E and C improves the quality

picture and sound thanks to the technology of deep learning and access to
extensive database visual data. This allows the CPU to optimize

image, recognizing the quality of the source content and implementing the best

algorithm, resulting in stunning realism.

The processor also analyzes the environmental conditions to ensure

optimal screen brightness.

The range of LG 2019

includes industry-leading OLED TVs with different screen sizes — W9 (model 77/65W9), E9 (model 65/55E9), C9 (model 77/65/55C9) and B9 (model 65/55B9).

Portfolio of premium LG TVs complements the world’s first OLED TV with a resolution of 8K (model 88Z9). As NanoCell models, the most advanced LCD TVs

the company provides excellent quality and vividness of the image, accurate

color reproduction and wider viewing angles — all in a housing with a sleek

design and ultrathin framework. This year options of a large screen

size provides more than ever. Separate models OLED-TVs 2019 and NanoCell support HDMI 2.1 for viewing content with a resolution of

4K at 120 frames per second and offers high speed

frame transfer 4K (4K HFR), automatic low latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rate (VRR) and improved audio return channel


Moreover, LG TVs 2019 can pick up the content

compatible with Dolby Vision, the HDR to obtain excellent quality even in bright environments

lighting. Processor α9 Gen 2 also carries out fine-tuning

the sound according to the type of content that contributes to a more precise transfer

dialogues in movies and television, as well as clean vocals in the songs. In
addition to adjusting the sound settings carried out by the AI depending on
of the situation, users may wish to perform manual tuning.

The flagship LG TVs
equipped with Dolby Vision for superior quality HDR and Dolby Atmos for realistic

sound immersive.

The line LG NanoCell 2019 consists of 14 TV models with AI ranging from 49 to 86 inches. Other models of LG TVs in the lineup this year include the 8K OLED TV (model 88Z9) and a unique flexible TV LG OLED TV R SIGNATURE (model 65R9) that hit the audience at CES earlier this year.

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