In the framework of the exhibition MWC 2019, held in Barcelona, LG showed a smartphone-the flagship G8 ThinQ. Its main novelty ahead of last year’s G7 became the front “Z-cell”: it supports gesture control system and allows you to capture a selfie of higher quality, and the function Hand ID to unlock the device by reading the vascular pattern of the palm.

All the electronics and infrared sensors responsible for the biometric functions are placed in an oblong “Bang” at the top of the screen — as TrueDepth camera on the iPhone. Also implemented the ability to unlock the device “face”, writes The Verge.

In LG call their development a Z-chamber. Their technology is 3D scanning on the basis of the ToF image sensor Infineon REAL3, say company representatives, is more perfect than Apple, and thus spends less energy. On the “iPhone” technology is structured light, which projects the face of a man dozens of invisible points and measure the distortion to create a 3D object. The LG approach is to measure the reflected from the object infrared light — it gives a more accurate result with less computational cost.

So, when the function ID Hand palm emits the IR signal, Z-camera G8 is a scheme of the venous system, based on how the hemoglobin in the blood absorbs light. After that, the user can remove a lock from a smartphone simply by showing him her palm.

Another possibility is a Z-camera — system for contactless control of Air Motion. Waving a hand in front of the “frontalka”, the user can control whatever functions without touching the device — for example, to answer calls, lower the volume or switch music.

However, the editor of The Verge Came of Gartenberg development LG not impressed. “It sounds cool in theory, but in the short time that I spent with the G8, nor the unlocking by hand, no gestures worked fairly well,” he wrote. Z-the camera does not immediately recognize the hand, and sometimes she had to bring then closer, then farther. Maybe LG will fix it because the new release is not ready yet. Neither the price nor the release date of G8 in the company is not known.

Other improvements include a 6.1-inch screen (3120×1440) with OLED and not LCD matrix and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 855. The camera has a night mode Night View, in which 10 pictures together into one for maximum noise suppression, and feature “the living side”, allowing in real time to adjust the degree of background blur. Also the G8 is equipped with 6 gigabytes of RAM, 128 GB of flash memory and a battery of 3500 mAh.

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