Qualcomm have added enemies in court.

Company LG Electronics was supported by Apple, Intel, Huawei, Samsung and MediaTek in the fight against the American manufacturer Qualcomm processor. As it became known today, LG has supported a class action lawsuit IT giants against Qualcomm for abuse of the practice of licensing patents.

In 2016, the company Qualcomm was accused of “foul play”. Commission Korea fair trade drew attention to the fact that Qualcomm is abusing the rights to their patents and holds a very unfair business model that harms other market participants.

The Korean prosecution office supported by Apple, Intel, Samsung, Huawei and MediaTek, and now to the list of dissatisfied with the policy Qualcomm has joined the company LG Electronics. All together IT-the giants will attempt through the courts to force Qualcomm to abandon their policy and to pay a fine of almost a billion dollars. However, experts believe that the litigation will drag on for several years, as Qualcomm appealed the claim and even filed a counter-claim.

At the end of 2018 Qualcomm won from Apple two court case. The first lawsuit associated with the two simple elements of the iOS interface, which Qualcomm was a patent. Court of China has recognized Apple guilty of patent infringements and stated that the company needs to stop selling most of the iPhone in the country. Apple came out of the situation quickly with a special iOS version 12.1.2 for Chinese users, which was removed controversial elements of the interface.

The second claim Qualcomm has won against Apple in Germany. There Qualcomm has accused Apple of violating patents related to the use of technology power saving when connected to Wi-Fi. The court also ordered Apple to stop selling some models of the iPhone, but Apple appealed and delayed the decision.


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