LG is ready to become the second largest supplier of OLED displays for Apple. According to Bloomberg, this will allow the latter to reduce its dependence on Samsung, which currently is the only manufacturer of such screens for the iPhone.

It is reported that the amount of the first installment will be from 2 to 4 million displays, but next year this will increase by 2-3 times. And we are talking about components for the new iPhone X Plus. For Samsung this means that the number of orders for OLED panels by Apple is significantly reduced. Previously, Samsung has already been forced to start looking for a new customer after reduction of the production of the flagship Apple. In one such display, Apple has to pay almost $ 100.

LG agreed to produce displays for Apple at a lower price — what, the publication does not specify.

However, from an ordinary LCD displays, Apple is also not ready to give up. Japanese screens manufacturer Japan Display plans to attract more than $ 500 million for the production of LCD displays for the new iPhone. Last year, Japan Display had suffered noticeable losses, since Apple switched to OLED screens, but some of their devices the company is planning the purchase of conventional LCD displays.

It is noteworthy that the displays for the future Apple Watch, Apple is going to produce themselves. According to reports, the company has classified the company in California, which will launch the production MicroLED arrays.


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