AirPods is the best headphones in all aspects. They work absolutely perfectly with any devices.

For a long time was very high demand and the delivery time could be up to three weeks. The pros are endless, but there are those who cling to every detail. Maybe they don’t understand that this is not the form factor, which does not let the sound out.

They are fairly easy to lose. Perhaps the only drawback is possible to consider only this fact, but it all depends on the care the owner.

In case of loss of Apple offers to buy one of the headphone or the case at a price of 69 USD.

We found life hack – how to be safe in case you lose AirPods.

Step 1: connect the headphones to the smartphone.

Step 2: go to the Bluetooth menu and select your AirPods.

Step 3: rename them by adding your contact information (phone number, email, website) and click finish.

Now in the case of lost it is likely that you’ll get them back, it all depends on the conscience of the finder.


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