At Def Con this year showed a Lightning cable for iPhone, with which an attacker can get remote access to your computer. Now this cable can be purchased for $ 200.

This device looks and works like a standard USB cable from Apple, however there is one thing that allows the attacker to hack the computer on macOS.

“My project is seriously interested and helped in its implementation. There were many requests for the purchase of this cable,” — says the developer of the modified cable, known under the name “MG”.

Before this development already wrote a news magazine specializing in information security. However, we now know that the cable can be purchased.

The “trick” of the modified cable is the introduction of wireless access. Nearby attacker can use an embedded element for connecting and receiving control of the affected computer on macOS.

Even the developer gave the following analogy to the action of the cable:

“It’s like sitting behind the keyboard and mouse of the victim, but physically not be there.”

MG now offers to buy his version of the Lightning cable for $200. Also, the purchase price will include some “additional features”.

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