The Lite version of Spotify is designed for developing countries with low mobile Internet speed and expensive Internet traffic. The app is only available for Android devices. Audioservice can be used on older phones with limited memory. Spotify Lite allows users to monitor your Internet traffic, which is especially important for users in poor countries. 90 percent of the service functions available in a simplified version, can be downloaded free from Latin America to the Middle East.

Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ecoterapia: Imago / TASS


Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek

Imago / TASS

Spotify was created in 2006 by Swedish businessmen Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. They wanted to create a legal digital music service in response to growing Internet piracy in the early 2000s. By April 2019 at Spotify had 100 million paying subscribers around the world. Its main competitors are Apple Music, Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

In the music industry with the advent of Spotify has been a real revolution, since the service changed the way consumption of music content. The growth of music streaming has an impact on the reduction of the radio audience. Plummeting physical media sales that has brought down the income of artists, music labels and stores.

Spotify has offered a new way to monetize music. Users can buy a monthly subscription (which is cheaper than physical media) and get instant access to all music content. While major labels and popular artists can restrict access to their work through a paid subscription.

The Spotify logo on the building of the new York stock exchange on the day of the first placement shares service 2018Фотография: Imago / TASS


The Spotify logo on the building of the new York stock exchange on the day on which shares placement service, 2018


Imago / TASS

First, the top performers met service streaming audio with hostility. For example, Taylor swift has said that streaming services hurt the album sales and devalue the work of musicians. She even withdrew for the time their songs from Spotify but after a few years returned to their music on the platform. Swift was convinced that if her album will not be available through the app with an audience of millions, it will negatively affect its commercial success.

In addition, if before the musicians, it was believed that the path to fame and fortune is a contract with a major music label, we release music in the era of streaming has changed that. Now beginning artists can release their music digitally and not to engage in the production or distribution of physical copies. Spotify allows musicians to access potential fans without the large expense of the production and distribution of songs.

The streaming revolution has helped the music industry recover after years of digital piracy and the decline of the CD. In 2018, global revenues from music increased to $19.1 bn, the Result was the highest since 2006.

The new Spotify app Lite is focused on countries that have problems with access to the Internet. There he is either very expensive, or users are having problems connecting to it. Russia, according to the Agency Content Review, ranking first in the world in the cheapest unlimited mobile Internet tariffs, which obviously defeats the purpose of Spotify Lite.

And if the light version of the service, the Russians should not wait, then why they did not reach the underlying application. The Russian market Spotify was supposed to come out in 2015, but plans changed due to the economic crisis and the new law on personal data.

According to the latest information music service should appear in Russia this summer. Analysts from Sberbank CIB said that the market for music services should prepare for the appearance of streaming giant in Russia.

Photograph: Spotify




From the beginning of March the interface of the application is partially available in Russian. In April, South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung has published in his account of “Vkontakte” the subscription price and the timing of the launch of Spotify in Russia (summer 2019), but later deleted the account. In July, Reddit has a photo of the price of the subscription on Spotify. There is the same amount that Samsung is 150 rubles, which is lower than the competition from Apple Music, Google Play Music and “Yandex. Music” where you listen to tracks can for 169 rubles.

Rumors about the imminent arrival of Spotify in Russia appear with regularity in several months. In the latter case, there are doubts about the authenticity of the picture, which appeared on Reddit. Moreover, that is Spotify continues to keep silence about the Russian plans.

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