Today, artificial intelligence technologies are at the same stage of development that electricity a hundred years ago or the Internet a quarter-century ago. Companies, cities and even countries are now developing their own strategies for implementation of artificial intelligence. At the conference In The City, the architect, Strelka Alexander Kamenev will lead a workshop on how to use AI to analyze the city. In this article, we tell how American corporations are exploring the potential of artificial intelligence and how they’re spending a lot of money.

According to the research Institute for Constellation Research, in 2025, the business will invest in AI $ 100 billion a year. According to a recent PwC report, by 2030, artificial intelligence, must add to 15.7 trillion in global GDP.

Today, leaders in the use of artificial intelligence have become the giants of the world IT-companies. To develop the AI within non-core businesses is expensive and time consuming. We need regular financial investments and time for development and implementation. That is why since 2010, large companies can arrange a separate stream for developing their own products based on AI.

Over the past five years Apple, Amazon and Microsoft replaced the traditional companies that produce “physical things.” In the new data economy in the race, the company pushed oil giants (e.g. Exxonmobil) and the world leaders offline trade (Walmart). These companies have a sufficient margin of safety for the development and implementation of AI solutions they are willing to buy successful startups, to explore and experiment.

The world’s market leaders of artificial intelligence today is a group of American companies FAANG — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (a term coined by journalist Jim Cramer). You can add Microsoft, Nvidia, IBM, Uber.

Their direct competitors — the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent). These companies have focused on developing AI technology, investing hundreds of billions of yuan in research. In 2019, BAT has invested in more than half of the AI companies in China, according to MIT Technology Review. However, in the field of fundamental research, China is lagging behind the leaders of the U.S. and continues to actively invest in startups in Silicon valley, Seattle and other technology clusters.


Google owns research Studio DeepMind, which is a leader in the field of deep machine learning. DeepMind — the authors of the algorithm AlphaGo, the world champion on the game of go, the most difficult Board game, number of moves in which it is physically impossible to calculate even the car. Netflix even made a movie about DeepMind. Google owns the biggest open library for training neural networks — Tensorflow developed by Google Brain. These and other AI projects, of which more than a hundred, Google has spent 21 billion dollars in 2018.


Like Google, Amazon owns its own research laboratory and invests in the development of artificial intelligence. Amazon’s strategy is aimed at implementation of the technology AI in all products of the company. Amazon AI Labs engaged in research on natural language processing, computer vision, expert and Advisory systems, while receiving $ 22 billion of investment per year.

The company was one of the first who started to use AI to develop recommendations for their products. Today, in addition to recommendation algorithms that Amazon focused on the development of Alexa voice assistant, cloud services Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing market ready software solutions for machine learning from different vendors.


Facebook, like other market leaders AI technology, has its unit, Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR). Since the company is the world leader in sales of contextual advertising, the key areas of work of Studio FAIR is the recognition of images and videos, classification and code generation, machine translation. The company spends on AI development more than $ 10 billion a year.


For Apple the focus of the research and development aimed at improving the virtual assistant Siri, as well as machine translation, object recognition in photos and recommendation algorithms of streaming services. Apple also continues to develop a secret project to create a driverless car. In 2018, the company spent on research more than $ 14 billion.


An interesting example compared to other IT giants. Netflix have undermined the global film industry, offering users with quality content through a unique recommendation algorithms. The key areas of their research remain predictive Analytics and Recommender systems.

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