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How’s the Apple Card? Yes, in principle, fine. Here, we have already begun to issue “to the people”. Boris Dyakonov (“Dot”) explained why the Apple Card is awesome. Will the card from technogiant to compete with traditional issuers? Spoiler: I can.

“Rocketbank” launched “checkpoint” — the service of payday loans. All payroll customers of rocket can get from 7 to 75 thousand rubles per month. The Bank will write-off the loan amount on the day nearest advance or payday. There is a Commission — 290 rubles. There is interest for delay of 20.6 per cent per annum on the amount of the debt, if the card has no money for repayment. By the way, where in the text a reference to a cool interview with the CEO of rocket Anastasiya Uskova.

A useful list of investors of Russia (as business angel and institutional), with links to social networks, addresses, websites and other buns. Bookmarked, definitely!

Sberbank has launched a service for cash withdrawals at ATMs code of the SMS for all clients: “Now transfer money to any user “Sberbank Online” across the country”. The fee for the use of the service is 1.5% of the amount per day you can send up to 150K rubles. And yet, the BEAC plans to soon introduce the technology to pay in stores fingerprint and face.

By the way, about face. Trade networks now use the facial recognition system to combat theft. First sign is a 22 store chain “Family” in Perm and Perm region: “the Solution does not introduce any restrictions in the lives of people in the basis of unreliable buyers. They will be able to log into their favorite stores, but their behavior will be closer”.

Talk about TravelTech? The world is changing, everywhere digitalization that waits for travel industry? The accuracy of the docks, personalization, Autonomous systems, AI, VR, and full of bigdata…

What do bankers, just to ensnare another client. Now issue credit cards… WITH a ZERO LIMIT, and the money for the card issue, for example, hold.

What’s URS? They write that “for six months, the Russians moved through the system faster payments more than 15 billion rubles”. The people tasted the system? Even the amount of remittances increased by 60%. You know who most actively uses — customers alpha!

The Americans analyzed the energy consumption associated with the mining of cryptocurrency in the USA and at the international level: in Russia, a fairly high level of mining activity — the total power kryptolebias equipment is about 50 MW.

Interesting to the sociologists. It turns out that members of the millennial generation often lying in resumes and cover letters! One of the reasons is the lack of relevant work experience. And second… the candidates don’t know how to explain to the employer the reason for his career “breakout”!

In connection with the new wave of fraudulent calls that hit the Russians, widely known in narrow circles Michael Zhukhovitskii tells us about how they steal phone Scam. And why this one is not fighting.


Alexey Skobelev of Markswebb and Denis Burlakov from RBK.Money in the podcast of “Medusa” in the future we’ll have some money with you. But some rubles coin, and maybe something completely new? Will the future of money from us greater financial literacy?

Meet the author of the bill on “awareness of important Internet resources” Anton Gorelkin (“United Russia”): on the meaning restrictions of foreign ownership of the IT corporations, likes to “Yandex” and the prospects of capital outflows from the country.

Roman Romaszewski from VR_Bank says the “news” about, “where will the FINTECH revolution Russian companies, as well as on the development prospects of the banking industry, Telecom and e-Commerce.” Interesting.


FINTECH it is not only about Millennials, you know. What FINTECH products for users older available on the market and on which there is a demand? CB Insights know the answer.

FrankRG have carefully studied the report of the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship “FINTECH 50: 5 years Finance” and here’s what they found out.

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