The machine will surprise even the biggest skeptics.

Despite the fact that the announcement of the Galaxy S10 will be held on 20 February, the Network has already appeared the image of the older version of the flagship. The photograph Galaxy S10+, was made in Suwon campus bus, one of the largest universities in South Korea. At the same time in Galaxy S10+ disabled the special safeguard application that would allow to identify the user’s smartphone through a watermark with his name on the screen.

Photo novelties allows you to evaluate the design and key features of the Galaxy S10+. The image quality is very mediocre, but you can see that the smartphone is in your pocket-book. If you believe the picture, the device will feature a display with a big diagonal. This “hint” fairly large size flagship, which barely fits in the hands of its owner.

Galaxy S10+ will be almost edge-to-edge AMOLED screen with a small indentation top and bottom. The use of innovative technology Infinity-O indicates a hole in the right side of the display, which has dual “eye” front camera.

About “stuffing” Galaxy S10+ no information was provided. However, according to insiders, the Galaxy S10+ will boast Exynos 9820 (or Snapdragon 855), from 6 to 8 GB of RAM, up to 1TB of internal flash memory and a main camera with three sensors. The thickness of the device will be 7.8 mm and the battery capacity is 4000 mA·h the smartphone Galaxy S10+ with S10 Galaxy Lite and Galaxy S10 will arrive in March 2019.

Source: Reddit


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