Already this year the Russians will be able to take advantage of the 5G network, and soon she is enmeshed in the whole world. Besides the obvious benefits, it carries a terrible danger to all people. About man-made threat to reason columnist “360”.

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Over the world victorious March is sweeping the new standard of mobile communication 5G. In April, he earned some cities in the United States and South Korea, and recently it became known that the fall of 2019 in Moscow will be a test area where connecting to a superfast network will be available to any interested person.

It is now clear that the advanced format will be implemented for quite a long time. For example, in U.S. operator Verizon provides it only in certain areas of Chicago and Minneapolis. And for South Korea, who had first to enter the service of the fifth generation of the standard telecommunications in commercial use, while this is quite a symbolic achievement, and a way to prove to the population that the country has a leading position in the global technological race.

Still, the importance of this stage of development of means of communication cannot be overstated. The inexorable onset of 5G is much more than the appearance of the ability to quickly download large files without any interference to watch online your favorite TV series on the way to work or to broadcast live from anywhere in the city. Fundamentally new speed mobile communication and the Internet will open the invisible gate into a smart city, where robots, unmanned vehicles and even home Applicance will be combined into a single network deployed in the service of mankind — in any case, I want to believe it.

We stand on the threshold of the future, try to imagine what it will be.

A look into the future

From the point of view of the masses, 5G allows for faster and simpler to use the conventional services of mobile operators. But its main feature is the direct connection between devices — extensive and reliable system of communication, able to give a powerful impetus to the development of “Internet of things”.

It is, in fact, a hidden layer of the network, but, in contrast to the darknet, not the dark underground of smugglers and traffickers, and the system is reminiscent of scenes of “Terminator” and “Matrix”. In its center is a machine, and chief mediator between the unmanned vehicles, neural networks, robots and other “smart” objects — person — removed.

The concept of Internet of cars is very simple — to create a house of the future, you need to stuff it to a greater number of intelligent devices of the security system and garden watering to air conditioning and alarm. And all of these devices worked well, they should communicate each other with each other “over the air”. Refrigerator friendly chatting with tea sounds completely absurd, but the more you study the draft Smarthouse, the more they attract.

The World Of “Skynet”

With all the richness of opportunities and emerging prospects, we should not forget that a new technological breakthrough can have very unpleasant consequences.

On the one hand, the technology of almost instant communication would seriously alleviate a person’s life, will allow you to remotely perform a number of demanding special tasks and give the opportunity at any time to dive into the world of virtual reality are almost indistinguishable from the real one.

On the other hand, some experts are sounding the alarm. The emergence of the fifth generation of mobile communications will spawn the first generation of the unified network “machines with brains”, reminiscent of the fictional computer “Skynet”, once declared war on humanity. The terminators of the future are unlikely to be similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger or the main character Robocop, but significantly more dangerous than their kenoanyagok.

Today only questions of ethical properties hold military of developed countries from an Autonomous control system, such as combat drones. These machines silently and remotely crash over the target and hit her grad rockets. The first prototypes of ground-based combat robots and automated security systems also exist for a long time. Similar models exist in Russia, and the United States, and South Korea, where he considered the option of deployment of such equipment on the fortified outposts on the Northern border.

The militarization of unmanned weapons is preventing precisely those movies about rebellious robots, who created the most people have very negative images of the mechanized hordes of cyborg assassins. Here it is necessary to add the influence of the famous advocates of limits AI like Elon musk, who has repeatedly called neural networks one of the main threats to the future of humanity and demanded tight control over their development and areas of implementation.

Iron instead of flesh

However, dramatize is also not necessary. Yet the main problem is not a possible robot uprising, but that too many of them. It is worth mentioning that the number of Internet-connected devices surpassed the number of people ten years ago.

Most observers and commentators of modern technologies is an important issue. Churning out robots of different sizes and functions is a snap. Autonomous machines have filled the airspace, through the oceans, and their smaller brothers can be almost everywhere from factories and cafes to furniture and wrapping paper. But if the mechanisms learned to do so many different things to do to people?

Fears that machines will gradually be sub-humans and lead to mass unemployment, a solid basis. This is what constantly tells Donald trump and other Western populist politicians: millions of workers often feel neglected and loyal to large corporations. In particular, because the first profitable corporations to move production to poorer countries, and then to automate.

It is not only plants. The current level of robotics now allows you to start mass production of Robo-tellers and machines, able to cook fast food from convenience foods. Add to this the neural network controlling multiple automated cleaners and system cameras is here and ready fully Autonomous diner.

This time will be deprived of work hundreds of thousands of students and people from the most vulnerable social strata. To modify the system to include forklifts and is equipped with system of automatic feeding shelf goods, and work will lose the whole social cluster of sellers and merchandisers. About unmanned taxi that will leave without earning drivers from flesh and blood, and says so much. But the middle class is also under shock and his main rival the same AI who are quite capable to perform such tasks as the creation of graphical models, analyzing large amounts of data and primary interview for the job.

Amid falling volume of social guarantees and reduced benefits for employees even such well-known sensitivity to the employees of companies like Google and Apple, individual sound alarmist voices claim that we live in the era of the disappearance of the middle class.

Groundless fears? The future will show it, but at least keep in mind they should, after all, to create able to think at the level of higher primates AI in the near future is unlikely to succeed, but the 5G network will involuntarily increase the competitiveness of “smart things” tomorrow.

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