Online store MovilShack hastens to please owners of mobile devices from Apple very low prices for original accessories for smartphones and tablets of this brand! The discount applies to most in-demand products — headphones, data cables chargers.

For example, the brand Apple EarPods with 3.5 mm connector that used to be possible to find complete with every iPhone, MovilShack can be bought for 10 Euro in original plastic case and with a traditionally high quality of performance from Apple. Length of cable that has a microphone and volume control buttons, is 1.1 meters, and the headphones weigh only 11 grams.

Further, in MovilShack you can order a data cable with Lightning connector that fits all modern iPhone and iPad. The second end has a USB 2.0 connector that allows you to not only connect it to the charger, but also the computer or laptop. The cable is made of high quality materials and has a length of exactly 1 meter. It costs about 9 euros.

The third accessory from Apple, which you can order in MovilShack with a big discount is a proprietary charger from Apple European plug, so in Russia it will be possible to use without additional adapters. Memory is a little less than 10 euros and gives out 5 volts and 1 amp, and its output power is 5 watts. All of these reasons for the usefulness of Apple gadgets into white, and on each accessory extends free shipping within Russia, so that the offer is more than competitive!

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