Long time Apple stood out from the other major manufacturers of mobile devices are very loyal audience. All this helped the cupertinos to increase the volume of sales of the iPhone and iPad. However, according to the latest report of the company BankMyCell, the situation has changed dramatically.

BankMyCell the company sells new and used smartphones, taking the old device to the payment. Experts assessed the audience’s loyalty to Apple is based on more than 38,000 purchases that were made for the last nine months.

According to estimates employees BankMyCell over the last nine months, about 26% of all users who passed the store iPhone X and wanted to buy a new camera, decided to give preference to the smartphone of a different brand. Thus, it is possible to say that approximately every fourth iPhone owner is not satisfied with the flagship of the previous generation.

In the end, evaluating all the data, employees BankMyCell came to the conclusion that at the moment, the loyalty of iPhone users is at 73% — the lowest figure in the last eight years. For comparison, in 2017, it was equal to 92%.


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