New sale!

“M. Video” announced the launch of a new generous promotions for buyers. Before January 28 of 2019, “M. Video” will give additional discounts for the purchase of various equipment up to 50% for the use of “M Coupons”. Discounts for buyers will be provided when making ordinary purchases, but maximum benefit up to 50% is available for owners of coupons.

In new sale “M. Video” involving hundreds of different products, a full list of which is presented on this page. All goods have discount up to 10 000, but customers will have another opportunity to save.

If buyers have “Coupons” for their use, as when buying in the store, and upon delivery of the goods by the courier, will be provided additional discounts up to 50%. The size of the bonus discounts vary depending on product. Additional benefits must be determined for each specific product.

In order to receive the additional discount, buyers are required to put a tick in the box when ordering. This is very important, as otherwise the second discount coupon is not activated.

New sale “M. Video” will run until January 28.


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