Until recently the Mac Pro was the only big products of the famous brand Apple, the production of which was located on the territory of the United States. But more recently the company has experienced some difficulties with home production, for this reason, a decision was taken to transfer production to China. Though the last trade war between Beijing and Washington are also making definite complexity, as well as some possible risks. As reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources, the new model of Mac Pro Apple will begin to collect in China. To do this, even the selected contractor, which was the company Quanta Computer, and directly the production itself is located near the larger city of Shanghai. The choice in favor of Quanta Computer relies on a number of advantages. First of all, the production base of the company is located quite close to Apple suppliers, which are mainly concentrated in Asia. As a result, “Apple” will save considerably on transport costs. The latter will be much higher if you build and deliver components. Before this model of the Mac Pro going in the American state of Texas, in Austin.

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