Apple began to unsolder the SSD on the motherboard MacBook Pro in 2016. However, if in the old models, users can get the data from the disk when the damage to the main Board of a computer, the “prošek” model 2018 this is not possible.

Recall that shortly after the new MacBook Pro in 2016, Apple gave the representatives of service centers special tools that allow you to get user data with SSDS. For this purpose we used a unique service equipment and small connector on the motherboard.

MacBook Pro sample 2018 model year this connector no. And we are talking about both 13-inch and 15-inch computers. According to available data, kupertinovtsy decided to abandon the service connector because of the chip T2, which provides additional encryption of data stored on the SSD-disk data.

At the moment it is unknown whether there are any solutions for recovering data stored on SSD the new MacBook Pro. Many believe that if there are any problems with the motherboard, users will not be able to recover their data.


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