MacRumors found in the service document on a MacBook Pro for service organizations, the mention of the new sensor and shared this discovery with experts iFixit. Those disassembled the laptop, found a little sensor inside the computer and noticed that the hinge of the MacBook Pro has a magnet with an arrow pointing in the correct orientation.

Consequently, the inclination angle sensor cover. Likely that he can somehow track the exact angle of the laptop lid. There is an assumption that the sensor helps to track the history of display setting, to help Apple diagnose problems with lights, like the one that got the name Flexgate that can appear on laptops in the future.

Without additional information from Apple it is difficult to determine exactly what it is designed sensor. In the service document stated that the computer display and the tilt sensor cap needs to be calibrated after the completion of a repair. Consequently, for Apple it is very important that the sensor is working correctly.

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