Known developed by Guilherme Rambo continues to talk about the innovations that Apple plans to make iOS and macOS 10.15 13. According to the latest data, the cupertinos are planning to come up with new scenarios of sharing the Mac and the Apple Watch.

At the moment, no specific details. However, it is known that the developers of Cupertino proposes to expand the capabilities of the Apple Watch. In particular, they want users to use Apple watch, not only to unlock the computer.

Perhaps in the future Apple Watch will grow into a replacement scanner Touch ID. Thanks to the owners of Apple computers without a fingerprint module can obtain its equivalent. In addition to this smart watch can be used as a token for two-factor authentication.

More information about the new Apple operating systems should appear closer to WWDC 2019. Recall that in this year’s international developers conference will open its doors June 3.


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