Initially it was assumed that in the third beta version of Mac OS 10.15, which recently became available to developers, there are no notable innovations. Today, however, in the test Assembly showed something new Apple added to the system previously inaccessible screensaver called Drift.

It should be noted that cupertinos rare delight users with new screen savers. Many believe that this is due to the low popularity of screensavers. However, there are many people who still use screen savers.

As for the screensaver, which was found in the third beta version of macOS Catalina, it has several design options, including colors based on the desktop Wallpaper. In addition, there are several themes: Space Gray, Silver, Gold and multi-colored spectrum.

New screensaver (with colour options) in Catalina B3.

— J Bank (@jeremybank) July 4, 2019

Judging by the reviews online, works new screen saver not at all. Some MacBook Pro users have noted that after activation of the screensaver just not displayed on the screen.


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