Last year, Apple announced that macOS 10.14 will be the last desktop OS that supports 32-bit applications. Also cupertinos urged developers to begin the process of refining their programs. This year, Apple has kept its promise – macOS Catalina does not support a 32-bit program. Now, however, not all apps have got 64-bit versions.

To check out exactly what applications will not work on macOS Catalina is quite simple. To do this:

  • Go to “About this Mac”.
  • Go to “system Report”.
  • Go to “system Information”.
  • In the left column find the item “Programs”.
  • Then in the right part of the window displays all the installed applications on Mac. If desired, users can filter them by bit by clicking on the appropriate column.

    Over the past year many large companies prepared to end support for 32-bit programs. To date, however, there are many old applications and games that have not already been updated by the developers.

    Ahead of the release of the final version of Mac OS 10.15 some publishers have even begun to push the developers into action. For example, today it became known that the company Aspyr plans to stop selling 32-bit game for Mac. While users who have previously purchased the old projects in the shop of the publisher, can continue to play them. However, they will have to upgrade your Mac to macOS 10.15.


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