Recent forum Apple technical support began to receive complaints about macOS Catalina. According to users, after installing Apple’s new operating system their computers are no longer included. Almost all the victims when the computer starts, shows a white folder with a question mark.

Judging by the reviews, does not help even recovery macOS. When you press Cmd+R, nothing happens. The screen remains black. At the same time often this problem occurs on older devices – MacBook Pro 2012-2015 and iMac 2014.

At the moment it is unknown what exactly caused this problem. Some believe that the upgrade process damaged the EFI partition, which is responsible for loading the system.

Some users report that they were able to cope with the problem, only using the help of professionals. And helped them in an informal service. It was there that he set about repairing the old MacBook Pro. According to the user who solved the problem this way, updating macOS Catalina damaged the EFI partition.

Apple representatives had no immediate comment on the situation.


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