Every day we are confronted with different situations, and there are times when you need to connect multiple pairs of headphones to the computer on MacOS.

One of the scenarios this statement is a joint watching movies during the flight.

How do I output the sound from your computer on MacOS for a few audio devices

Step 1: make Sure that the headphones are paired via Bluetooth with your computer or connected to the audio connector.

Step 2: Run the program “Audio MIDI setup” located in the folder “utilities”.

Step 3: Click on “+” in the lower left corner of the window and select “Create a device with multiple outputs”.

Step 4: Ctrl-click the device and select “Use this device for sound output”.

If you also want to use the device to play system sounds, the pop-up menu, select “Play alerts and sound effects through this device”.

Step 5: Select in the list the headphones or speakers you want to output sound (if one of the wired headsets, you need to choose “Built in output”).

Step 6: Select the master device from the drop-down list. For the remaining affected devices check the “Correction offset”.

Step 7: Run “System settings” and navigate to “Sound”.

Step 8: the Output tab, select “Device with multiple outputs”.

You can now enjoy joint viewing of movies or listening to music.


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