Most people use password or fingerprint for authentication on their Apple computers, but there are cases when you need to enter the user name for logon.

For example, the computer on macOS can be used by multiple people under different accounts, and there are times when users forget their usernames.

To change the display settings entering the system should:

  • Go to “System settings” > “Users and groups” > “login Options”.
  • Select “List of users” instead of “in the Fields name and password”.
  • If you go to the system fails, then there is also another option:

  • Restart The Mac.
  • While the computer is booting, hold the keys Command + R until, until will not boot recovery mode.
  • In this mode, ignore the window and go to “Utilities” in the top menu bar.
  • Run “Terminal”.
  • Enter “resetpassword” and press Enter.
  • Start tips, and soon you will see a list of all accounts.
  • This way you can also reset the password on a system that was not encrypted with the FileVault.


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