Talk about some non-obvious features of the native browser of Apple.

Individual settings for each site

Perhaps one of the main advantages of Safari is the ability to set the parameters for each site individually. For example, to turn off Adblock on the site with unobtrusive advertising, block auto-play videos and so on. You can also adjust the scale of the display content.

To do this, you need to:

  • To access browser settings.
  • Go to the tab “Web sites”.
  • And choose the desired setting.

Read mode

The easiest way to avoid ugly fonts, awkward formatting, advertising, and small text. Enabling “reading Mode”, you can forget about what the sites look bad as Safari they all look equally good. To enable “reader Mode”, click on the icon in the form of four lanes to the left of the site name in the search bar. At the same time, if you click on it right button mouse, check the box next to “Automatically use Reader…”, on the site, the “read Mode” will be activated automatically. The same applies to Safari on iOS, but instead of clicking the right button of the mouse there holding your finger on the icon.

The forced inclusion of a mode “picture in Picture”

In Safari, you can create the best conditions not only for reading but also for watching videos. Help in this mode the “picture in Picture”. The only problem is lazy and greedy developers who do not want to implement this feature on their websites. For example, Google still has not included this option on YouTube. But this stupid ban can be circumvented quite easily.

To do this:

  • To open a link from any video.
  • Double-click on the video right-click.
  • Select “picture in Picture”.

In the case of iOS it is not working. Forcibly enable “picture in Picture” on iPad: after the release of the app Shortcuts in September.


This browser functionality is not very popular. Extensions much more famous for Firefox and Chrome, but in Safari they are. For example, a great blocker content such as Wipr and 1Blocker. Or a clipper for Evernote and DEVONThink.

To download the extension, you need to:

  • Click on the Safari menu in the upper left part of the display.
  • Select “Safari Extensions”.


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