Recently, Apple released a build of macOS Catalina 10.15.1 beta 2. Among its features is official support of AMD Navi. While we are talking only about models Radeon Radeon RX and RX 5700 5700 XT, which is quite logical. The Junior model RX 5500 is not yet launched, though it has presented.

We are talking about using these cards in external boxes that is more suitable for laptops or desktop. Tests show that the support card really works, although sometimes you may need to install the Windows driver for the card, if the graphics card is not recognized in Bootcamp.

Enable will certainly appreciate Mac users who rely on a powerful graphics card for gaming and productivity applications. After all, Apple’s not too fond of NVIDIA card, preferring AMD solutions.

By the way, support for eGPU solutions Apple also doesn’t always work perfectly. It was recently discovered that some combinations of Mac computers, GPU and eGPU have problems. For example, they manifested on the Mac mini eGPU Radeon 570 and 580. The other emerged in the buildings Sonnet eGPU.

In addition to maps based on 7-nanometer chips, the Radeon Pro Vega II and Vega II Radeon Pro Duo, which will be built into the new Mac Pro.

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