PARIS, may 14. /TASS/. A new Fund with a volume of €225 million euros, designed to sponsor projects in the cultural sector, particularly film and television industry, was established in France by the decision of the President of Emmanuel Macron. As follows from the joint statement of the Minister of economy and Finance Bruno Le Mayor and Minister of culture Frank Riester, the authorities want to repel the inevitable coming global media corporations.

“In an atmosphere of total domination of operators of the giants, often highly integrated, it is necessary to gather and act together”, — emphasized by the Ministers in connection with the release of the report of the Director Dominique Boutonnat, who warns of the inevitable subordination of the French film and television industry to the requirements of Amazon, Netflix and other media giant, if not to change the current model.

“To raise funding and to address the question of structuring, the President of the Republic announced today the establishment of an investment Fund in the amount of €225 million for cultural and creative industries — said in a statement issued on Monday. Ministers will pay particular attention to film and audiovisual [industry] in the allocation of funds.” It is also emphasized that this Fund will not replace already existing means of financial support for the cultural sector.

The battle for screens

During a meeting Monday with 130 representatives of TV channels, the world of big movies, the video game industry and other creative areas, macron also called on them to join forces. “I firmly believe that if we French do not organize ourselves, the battle will be lost,” said the President, quoted by AFP. He expressed the belief that “the struggle” must be waged at the European level, citing the example adopted by the European Parliament Directive on the protection of copyright on the Internet. The President warned everyone that will need to “change their habits” and “break the taboo”.

Representatives of the creative industries, in turn, voiced his vision of the situation, not only recognizing the need of changes on their side, but putting the problems associated with the legislative limitations and gaps. So, the General Director of media holding company TF1 Gilles pelisson said the threat from streaming platforms like Apple TV and Disney+, which will be launched in France in 2020. In turn, the head of the French society of authors, composers and music publishers (Sacem) Jean-Noel Tronk urged the EU to “Wake up”, Recalling the extreme protectionism of the US and China in relation to their companies that themselves hold, in his words, “ultraexpensive” policy. In turn, the President of the biggest French broadcasters France Televisions Dolphin Arnot urged colleagues to stick as more innovative approach to the creation of new content and complained that now TV “has forgotten how to communicate with the audience.”

Forgotten project

It is noteworthy that all voiced ideas and calls to deal with the expansion of American and Chinese media giants nor the report of the Director Boutonnat, nor in the media on the results of the presidential meeting was not mentioned streaming platform SALTO. That three of the largest television companies of France — France Televisions, TF1 and M6 joint efforts will create a new video streaming service, was announced with fanfare in the summer of 2018. However, still no information about the timing of the launch of “Netflix of French” did not appear. Perhaps details will be announced at the end of the year, by this time, the Ministers Le Mayor and Raster together with the public investment Bank of France (Bpifrance) and other partners should provide more concrete plan of action.

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