The resource specialists Macworld say that future iPhone XI (conditional name), which will be released this year will receive Apple A13 processor and will be the most productive smartphone in the company’s history.

It is argued that a new SOC is at the 7-nanometer process technology, and its processing power is equal to current models of iPad Pro. The processor will get two clusters, a pair of strong and four energy-efficient cores.

Novelty is also credited with a five-fold increase in performance in tasks of artificial intelligence, compared to current models. As for 5G, it is likely that this year it will not. Even the reconciliation Apple and Qualcomm will allow you to quickly produce a large number of modem for networks of the fifth generation. It is assumed that in 2020 the company will release either an updated version or something completely new.

As expected, the iPhone XI and other novelties company from Caperino will be shown in September at the annual Apple event.

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