iOS 12.1 subject to cracking.

The team is Keen Security Lab was able to successfully complete the jailbreak final version iOS 12.1. The firmware has been hacked for the first time, and immediately on the newest smartphone iPhone XS Max. Representatives of Keen Security Lab promised to show the operation procedure of the 12.1 iOS to developers conference POC 2018, which will be held on 9 November.

At the moment, the developers did not disclose details about the execution of iOS 12.1. They only said that they managed to hack a 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max running the final build of iOS 12.1. This means that on older iPhone models performing the same jailbreak method is not difficult.

From the developers of the team Keen Security Lab should not be expected to create a public jailbreak tool. First, they successfully hacked other versions of iOS, but utilities in order for the jailbreak to fulfil users never released.

However, on 9 November they will share their method of hacking iOS 12.1. It is possible that they use other developers more interested in creating public tools for hacking the iPhone and iPad.


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