Chinese iPhone XS Max supports two physical SIM cards do work with the Russian operators, contrary to the rumors about the artificial restrictions allegedly imposed by the manufacturer to prevent the proliferation of devices outside of China. In this convinced, having tested the flagship smartphone intended for implementation exclusively in mainland China.

As we found out Chinese XS Max with dual SIM ideal for SMS and MMS messages and phone calls, but does not allow to work simultaneously in two cellular networks. But since many prefer to use the Internet with one SIM card, and call the other, then the presence of one modem will have no negative impact on use experience.

As the dual SIM iPhone work in Russia

In the mode of carrying the call from the same number an incoming call to another number to be handled by the answering machine or to inform the caller that the network is busy. Not to miss an important call, it is recommended to configure redirection. Furthermore, a single modem will allow you to surf the Internet only one of the SIM cards, who was appointed as the main when the original installation.

How to assign a SIM card for calls on the iPhone

iPhone XS Max allows you to specify which of the SIM card call specific contacts from your address book. To do this, open the Contacts app, select a contact, click “Preferred rate”, and then set the number that will be used to link this contact either through phone calls or SMS. If desired SIM card you can select before making a call, or use the one which was carried out last call.

How to assign a SIM card for Internet on the iPhone

To change the SIM card, with which you will connect to the Internet, you need to change their priority. To do this, go to “Settings” — “Cellular” and select “Cellular data”. Then select the number you want to use to transmit data over the cellular network. To switch SIM cards in places it does not need.

Where to buy iPhone XS Max with dual SIM

iPhone Max XS supports two physical SIM cards are already available for purchase from our friends


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