The new rules came into effect.

From 9 January 2019 to the “Mail of Russia” start to remotely charge a fee for online purchases in foreign online stores in the pilot project, reports “Kommersant”. “Mail of Russia” has received new powers after Russia had twice reduced the duty-free threshold on online purchases abroad.

The representatives of “Mail of Russia” stated that specifically to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Finance has developed a special technical solution. It will allow buyers to pay the duty right at checkout on the websites of foreign online stores.

What online stores have already implemented this solution in the “Mail of Russia” has not yet reported. Note that at the moment we are talking about a pilot project to collect fees “Mail of Russia”, so the convenient option of payment of duties appears not all popular Russian Internet-stores.

Recall that from 1 January 2019 in Russia was two times reduced the threshold for duty-free purchases in foreign online stores — it now is €500 per month. If the customer during the month exceeds the threshold, it must pay a fee in the amount of 30% of the amount that exceeded the threshold. In addition, if the total weight of goods ordered from foreign online shops, more than 31 kg, then the buyer will also have to pay a fee.

Source: Kommersant.


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