Mail.Ru Group announced the closure of the browser Amigo. The company recognized that its reputation cannot be saved.

The company said that the reason for closing the browser became his bad reputation that he deserves because of the “gray schemes” of the distribution.

“To promote the involved partners and ad networks, some of which was unfair — for the distribution of browser they use gray schemes, contrary to the rules specified in the contract. Such actions caused a negative attitude to the product. In this regard Mail.Ru Group decided to abandon further development of the brand “Amigo”,” — said the representative of the Mail.Ru Group edition

The first version of the browser was released in 2011 under the name “Интернет”. In 2012 it was renamed the “Amigo”. Many users remember it as the persistent browser. On the Internet a lot of instructions that explain how to uninstall Amigo from your computer. Due to the fact that “Amigo” is often installed along with other programs, on this subject, a host of memes. Some of them were shown in a farewell video.

Friends, that day has come. Amigo is dead.

It was a good browser, but failed because of his promiscuous – he ran with a bad ad networks and his reputation has not recovered. Today we continue to develop Amigo.

Let’s remember how it was

— Mail.Ru Group (@mailru) July 31, 2018.

Despite the closure of Amigo, he will continue to work with users. In addition to the “Amigo”, Mail.Ru Group have the browser Go! about which almost nothing is known, but apparently it is similar to “Amigo”.


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