MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. Group was launched on Monday in a test mode of its own voice assistant “Marusya”. As reported TASS the press service of the company, the cost of development programs and related costs of its creation amounted to about $2 million
In the message Group notes that, like other voice assistants, “Marusya” will be self-learning using neural networks. “We train a neural network to determine the user’s intention and understanding of the issues that it sets. Search algorithms help us to extract important facts from the above and form meaningful responses. Well as a deep network trained the speech recognition user on millions of examples that allows equally well to understand the different features of speech, the pronunciation and specific diction,” — said Vice-President Anna Artamonova, whose words are reported.

The company also suggest that over time, “Marusia” will be integrated into other products Group and third-party services. “Through “Marusya” will listen “news” to order food from Delivery Club, or call a taxi. We do not offer only products Group and consider the options of integration with services from other companies,” — said in Group.

Access features of the application

At the moment, the voice assistant already available in AppStore and Google Play. To access the “Marusya” we need to leave the application on the application’s official website or ask (invite) those who are already testing the program, the company explained. In addition, Group opened access to the app to outside developers who through a special form on the website can access the development platform of the program and to bring in their improvements.

Today, the same Russian voice assistants have started “Yandex” (“Alice”), Google (Google now), Apple (Siri) and “Tinkoff Bank” (Oleg).

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