The organizers offered to solve the problem of alternate reality. According to her, in a parallel world, humanity decided to create and launch a global search engine pair. In fact, the participants have to develop such a service. The verification system will automatically start all services on the same characteristics of the servers and “fire” them with a large number of HTTP requests. The winners will be the authors of the most fast and resilient solutions.

The authors of the best solutions will get valuable prizes: Apple MacBook Air — first, Apple iPad second and third places, Samsung Gear S3 of place from 4 to 6 inclusive.

The championship consists of several stages: the beta is already underway and will last until December 26, the qualifying phase will end January 31 and the final round will be held until 5 February. In competition can take part of backend and web developers, as well as students at technical universities and departments. In addition, the championship has been translated into English, and therefore accessible to people from all over the world.

The first championship HighLoad Cup took place in summer 2017 in test mode. The participants had to develop high load travel service.

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