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World-renowned architect Moshe Safdie came up with and implemented the idea of the highest horizontal skyscraper. In March 2018, he began to build in the Chinese Chongqing.

Just look at the point where the Yangtze river and Jailing, designed the new district. Its centrepiece is an unusual 300-metre-long “sky bridge”, stretched at a height of 250 meters above the ground. Are the four legs of the tower.

Within this kind of horizontal skyscraper project, there are thematic observation deck and gardens, infinity pool and food court. Admit it, in this building you’ve never been!

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In April 2018 architect Roberto Rossi completed a house in Northern Italy, which can rotate 360 degrees. The octagonal building can be mechanically rotated in both directions to provide its owner with a variety of types and optimal location of solar panels. The latter needs to tell us more.

You will not believe it, but the house provides itself with energy. Roof mounted solar panels at any time of the day you get enough light, especially due to the rotation of the building. The house also has heat pump and solar thermal systems that generate extra energy.

Remember how in the Russian folk tale: “hut-Hut, turn to me before, and back to the woods!” Interestingly, the sign of the Italian architect with our folklore?

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But in Denmark sights on a major project…of wood. Here is a massive structure located at one hour drive from Copenhagen in the middle of protected forests. Skyscraper, similar to the elongated upward spiral — a kind of walking route for tourists. Its length from the entrance to the observation tower is 900 metres away.

The “father” of this unusual object is a Danish architectural firm Effect. According to their plan, wood skyscraper will be an attractive addition to the so-called “adventure Camp”. In the Park already is a sports complex with a ropes paths and air routes. Today, the complex is visited annually by 18 000 people, with the opening of new attractions number of tourists it is planned to increase to 100 000. We believe they will succeed!

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In June came the news from the Netherlands. Technical University of Eindhoven has announced plans for 3D printing five concrete houses in a period of five years, which can be rented. This will be the first residential building, is printed on the printer!

According to the preliminary project, houses will be different curved concrete walls, suspended balconies and deep-set Windows and doors. The building will seamlessly fit into the green landscape. Buildings of irregular shape will create thanks to one of the key features of 3D printing: opportunities to realize almost any fantasy authors.

By the way, Eindhoven, which is also home to the prestigious Academy of design, hopes to position itself as a leader in 3D printing buildings of concrete. The local team has already created the world’s first 3D-printed concrete bridge at the end of 2017. As the saying goes, all ahead!

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And in Dubai it decided to play on the world wide popularity of the Apple brand. In the Business Bay district began to build a skyscraper that resembles an iPod gadget. The building of 26 floors has received the name of The Pad.

To enhance the similarity with the iPod, it is built at an angle of 6.5 degrees, as if the device is on charging stations. In the skyscraper eventually will house 256 apartments, from small studios to three-bedroom duplexes with views of the canal.

But the main thing residents will be able to use a range of high — tech programming-level lighting in the apartment to biometric locks and special futuristic mirrors that reflect the condition. The tower is designed by Hong Kong architectural Bureau James Law Cybertecture whose specialists wanted to come up with something exciting and unique. We think they succeeded!

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In Guiyang, South-West China came up with to build a tower with a height of 121 meters. It would seem that in this unusual? And the fact that her “twist” becomes a waterfall that crashes down from the 108-meter mark on the facade.

The waterfall, which will appear on the building called Liebian International Building, is one of the largest artificial in the world. His work will involve four of the pump, water will flow from underground reservoirs. Other details of the project are not revealed yet. We only know that a skyscraper with a waterfall will become a part of the complex, which includes another tower and a small building, which will house a shopping center. Two skyscrapers will house offices and a luxury hotel. Sure, you already intrigued. However, as we!

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Italian Pierpaolo Lazzarini designed the whole city on the water called Wayaland. Waya is an innovative concept, which allows for the creation of a community of investors living in the floating houses-the pyramids. According to the architect, when a project is created it were inspired by several styles — the Mayan architecture, appearance Egyptian pyramids and Japanese temples.

Each pyramid is located on a floating base with an area of 3000 square meters with a pier for boats and yachts, has 10 floors, which soar skyward above the sea level by 30 meters. On the upper level are the bedrooms. Residents of the complex will be arriving at your house on a special quadcopters and helicopters.

Each floating platform will be equipped with a motor and blades, so they would be able to move through the water, if the tenant wants to live in a different place. Solar panels and water turbines will generate electricity, water will flow into the house through a special pump, and you can grow fruits and vegetables right on the floating platforms.

Now the architect is trying to raise through crowdfunding funds for the construction of a single module that can be rent for €990 per day. Investors who donate funds will receive a special passport Waya, which will become a pass to the opening of the city in 2022. They will also be able to vote on which country will be based Wayaland. While this may be any direction, as one of the most obvious call in Dubai. What do you think?

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