IDS Borjomi Russia released a second version of Waterbalance, one of the most popular mobile applications that help to monitor water balance in the body. The new version is already available in the App Store and Google Play. The application Waterbalance is free.

Popular mobile application Waterbalance is easy and functional mobile app that helps you keep track of the water balance, based on your individual parameters: height, weight, age and lifestyle, and given the schedule and the mode of the day.

The first release of the application was held in 2012 and since then for a long time Waterbalance is consistently in the Top ranking App Store in the category “Health and Fitness” and was listed as a Featured app more than 16,000 times, i.e. is the App Store as a recommended app.

App chose 5.5 million users, it was widely reported in the Russian and international media, constantly getting into the ratings of the best health apps and tracking water. And Time magazine included Waterbalance in the top 10 apps for the Apple Watch!

What has changed? One of the most popular HLS application has been completely redesigned. Changes based on user feedback, taking into account modern trends in mobile application development.

The app for smartphones and the Apple watch is a fully updated program code version developed for devices Wear OS. Due to this improved performance and compatibility with different mobile devices and gadgets.

In addition, the improved functionality of adding drinks and expanded statistics on drunk liquid. Now information about the previously added drinks you can edit and Supplement for previous days using the application. Another handy feature — the ability to specify the place or situation of consumption is now possible to track where and how much you drink. The new feature will allow you to monitor the water balance, to analyze and organize the intake of water anywhere, anytime: at home, at work, on the road, in cafes, at the gym, etc.

Sociable and caring users the possibility of calculating the water rate for family and friends with regard to individual parameters. The results can be shared in private message or in social networks.

Following the release of Waterbalance 2.0 planned series of innovations that will help make the app even more functional and user-friendly.

“The development of a culture of water consumption and promotion of healthy lifestyles is a significant part of our company strategy. We not only keep up with the times, but ahead of it, offering innovative solutions. The observance of the water balance is more difficult to organize if there is no control over drinking a liquid, that’s why we created Waterbalance and won the trust of 5.5 million users. Thanks to the application we give a real tool for the formation of a useful habit to drink water. In the new version we have taken into account the interests of different categories of users: you can now watch not only for their drinking water treatment in any situation, but also to take care of loved ones, which will significantly increase the number of app users and followers of healthy lifestyle”, — says Tatiana Syrtseva, marketing Director of IDS Borjomi Russia.

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