SHENZHEN (SHENZHEN), China, January 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — the Company Makeblock, a leading provider of educational solutions STEAM, has introduced a new set of Neuron Artist Kit, focused on opening the creative potential of children through practical projects in the field of optics and electrics, and the basics of computer programming.

In September last year, the company has presented the Neuron Explorer Kit on the basis of Swift Playgrounds from Apple. The app is available in Apple store and and helps children around the world to explore the Swift programming language using the iPad.

The product Neuron Artist Kit — with a new set of modules and projects at a reduced price — comes with 6 additional custom scripts to create objects out of cardboard with laser treatment and their subsequent “revival” with 8 programmable electronic components (“smart” nutrition, sound sensor, panel, LED, sensor-range, buzzer, etc.). Among such objects include ukulele ukulele, cloud, lamp, xylophone, LED sword, magic drum and “endless” bracelets.

Neuron Artist Kit is compatible with two types of programming software: applications Neuron (for thread-oriented programming) and mBlock5 (for creating graphics). Created by engineers Makeblock animated tutorials help children of all ages to learn the physical skills of creativity and computer programming.

“From the very first day of its existence, the company Makeblock seeks to help people to translate their ideas into reality and to integrate creative processes in everyday life. The Makeblock team firmly believes that the future lies not only in high technology and creativity,” commented founder and CEO Jason Wang (Jasen Wang).

The decision Makeblock Neuron has received 8 international awards/certificates, including the Edison Gold Award, IDEA Gold Award, the 2018 CES Design Award, the Finnish certificate of compliance to educational standards Kokoa, German prize iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Award and the Japanese Good Design Award and Korean K-Design Award.

Neuron Artistic Kit is the newest product Makeblock educational system for STEAM, designed for teachers and young students, learners of the art, science and computer programming with modules the Neuron. This product also makes a wonderful gift that combines entertaining and educational elements, and costs only $ 149. USA.

To learn more, visit the Neuron Artist Kit on Amazon.

About company Makeblock

Founded in 2013, the company Makeblock Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of educational solutions STEAM. Specializing in the market of educational systems STEM for schools, educational institutions and home use, the company represents the complete range of content solutions, hardware and software, as well as organizes competitions of robotics. All products of the company are focused on the entertainment and educational market segments STEM and designed for deep integration of technology into the educational process. To learn more, follow the news @Makeblock in Facebook and Twitter, or visit the web site


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