Specialists research firm Lookout, which specializiruetsya on the issues of information security, found version spyware Exodus to iOS. Initially it was assumed that the malware focuses only on the platform Android.

Experts say that the Exodus was only discovered on the third-party platforms for distributing applications. To official Apple store the malware got. Most often, a platform, which has met Exodus, was focused on residents of Italy and Turkmenistan.

According to experts, after installing Exodus on iOS device malware can gain unauthorized access to contacts, photos, video, audio, GPS information and also to use for recording sound. All the data collected, the malware sends to the same server as the version for Android.

The staff of Lookout note that initially the attackers used enterprise certificates that are signed by Apple that allowed the victims to install the infected application on the device to bypass the App Store. However, kupertinovtsy revoked these certificates, making the threat has been neutralized. The experts urge users not to download applications from questionable sources.


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