Dream about the projects and activities, which are sure to someday reach your hands, but that “someday” never comes? The publishing house “Alpina publisher” has published a guide to time-management under the title “Find the time. How to focus on the main”. A separate Chapter, the authors devoted to how to regain your stolen iPhone watch.

Previously, my phone was constantly calling to me from his pocket — much like the Ring inspired Bilbo Baggins. Felt signs of boredom, I at the same moment discovered his “pocket companion” in his palm. Now, no applications from a number of Pools of Infinity, I’m much less twitch. Now in the moments when I used to instinctively reaching for the phone, I am forced to pause — and it turns out that I was not so boring.

IPhone, where there are no distractions, gives me a sense of peace throughout the day. Slow attention not only helps to enter into the laser mode, but also allows more pleasant to spend time. The removal of phone service, electronic mail and other applications that are related to the category of swimming Pools Infinity is probably the simplest and most effective change that has allowed us to become again the masters of their time and attention. When others become aware of our atypical lifestyle, they often think we’re crazy. “Why not save money by just buying a primitive flip phone?” they ask.

“The person touches their phone on average 2617 times a day. It seems that the mode of “Constantly distracted” has become a new default setting!”

The fact of the matter is that even after cleaning all the Pools of Infinity, the device stays magical device. Maps, navigation, music, podcasts, calendar, camera… — there are many applications that improve the quality of our daily life, not stealing our time. Honestly: we believe that smartphone cool stuff. We go not only on time but also on the gadgets. In 2007 DZ defended many hours to get the first iPhone model. Ten years later, Jake didn’t get to bed until dawn, to order X iPhone the day of its release. We love your phones but don’t want to constantly have access to everything they offer us. Freeing them from distractions, we can turn the clock back, in a little more simpler times when it was easier to disconnect from the noise and to remain focused — but enjoy the best in modern technology.

Of course, the phone without any distracting applications, this challenge is not for everyone. Someone the idea of a smartphone without social networks, browsers, and e-mail seems to be wild. Well, perhaps, and self-control they are better than us. Perhaps they don’t feel this constant urge to pull the phone out of your pocket. Perhaps they are strictly reglementiert viewing your mail and news feeds. Anyway, we are convinced that everyone pays a price for information that is continually updated and that we are always literally at hand. You may not obviously suffer from the problem of distractions, as we are, however, highly likely that the lack of default settings in your phone could improve your concentration. Even if you feel the master of your own phone, we still encourage you to try for a while to abandon distracting apps — just as an experiment. And suddenly it’s a chance to take a fresh look at your default settings?

Here is a brief guide to freeing your phone from distracting elements (here is a detailed guide with screenshots for iPhones and androids).

Delete the social apps

First, get rid of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. (and whatever they’ve changed it since then, as we wrote it). Don’t worry. All these things are very easy to put in anew, if you change your mind.

Remove the other Pools Infinity

All suppliers of the vast inventory of interesting content should be removed. These include games, news apps, streaming services like YouTube. If “this thing” can constantly and maniacally refresh and/or if it is possible quietly and planned to spend a couple of hours down with her!

Remove the mail app and your account

Email is a tempting Infinity Pool and hot heart of the Movement Employed in one bottle. And because the phone screen is hard to write a normal response to the letter, this service is often still unnerving. We check email on your phone to catch up with events, but usually only remind ourselves of its backwardness. Removing the postal service from your phone, you will get rid of a considerable proportion of the stress. Mail account, usually very deeply integrated into the gadget, so, if you want to get into the phone settings and delete it after the mail application, your apparatus will give you a harsh warning (“are you sure You want to remove your mail account?”). Let it does not scare you. Again, if you later change your mind, you only need to re-register for the service by entering the desired information.

Uninstall browser

And finally, you’ll need to neutralize this Swiss army knife of many blades, reigning in a world of distractions — the Internet browser. To do this, you will probably have to get into settings.

All other Express

As we have noted, there are plenty of great apps that are not Pools of Infinity and, of course, make our daily life more comfortable. For example, maps contain a vast amount of content, but few have ever experienced the temptation to idly examine the cards randomly selected cities. Even apps like Spotify and the Apple Music, is relatively harmless: Yes, there are a countless number of songs and podcasts, but it is unlikely you will overwhelm the desire for a long time to wander through the catalog of Beatles songs. The same goes for Lyft, Uber, food delivery services, as well as various calendars, meteorologie, tools, performance tracking, and applications for tourists. In short, if the app is just a tool and/or if it doesn’t make you constantly distracted, save it.

Repeat, release the phone from the distractions of the programs nothing more than an experiment: there is no need to swear an oath to use “truncated” apparatus until the end of his days. So try to stay a day, week or even a month. Of course, there are situations when you really need mail or phone browser. In such cases, you can temporarily return the application needed to perform a specific task. It’s important that you use your phone, consciously and deliberately, but he is not using you. Solving the issue, again, remove these applications, thus returning the default in the “off”position.

We believe that you will love life with a “Lite” phone. Here’s what one of the readers in the beginning: “I spent all last week with a disarmed iPhone and it was GREAT. I thought I’ll miss all these functions.” Another reader using the application-timer tracked how much she enjoys the iPhone before and after the transition to the regime without the distractions. The results surprised her: “getting Rid of the mail and browser, I almost every day was to hold the phone for 2.5 hours less than before, and sometimes even less”. Amazing! Just imagine — every day to one or two extra hours thanks to such a simple change!

But the most significant reward for the renunciation of distracting telephone applications — ability to gain control over their own lives. Starting to manage the default settings, you are master of the situation (and application).

Turn off notifications

The vendors are very persistent on the part of the notification. For your attention is desperately fighting a lot of pieces, so that if the developers do not show persistence, some who do remember their child? Notice you are not friends. They’re always stealing your attention. Even if you are trying to delete all the distraction, try at least to turn off almost all notifications. Here’s how:

1. Go to phone settings, find the notification list and photolucida them one by one.2. Leave only the most important and truly useful, such as reminders the calendar and signal the arrival of text messages.3. Be sure to turn off notification about the arrival of emails and regular messages sent to you through a particular instant messaging (except SMS). These notifications seem to be very important, so they are more vicious than others. In fact, without them you can safely do. Others try to leave only one way to inform you about something urgent (for example, by allowing only notification aseneskak). 4. When the new app will ask “Show notifications?”, select “No”.5. Try to stay just two days or a week. Analyze your feelings. Disabling the notification, you teach your phone some manners. From the chatterbox, do not close the mouth, you turn it into a gentle provider of important news — the kind of friend that you just need. Clear the first screen

Your phone is geared for high-speed operation. It instantly scans your face or fingerprint, and you’re entered. But most people keep icons of your favorite apps right on the first screen of the phone for instant access. Scan your finger on the icon and you’re in the app. Such a process, deprived of the “elements of friction”, very handy if you want to navigate the map, but it is a direct way (that there is just the highway) to distraction if you try to enter laser mode.

To obstruct, try to empty first screen. Move all icons to the second (and the ones that were in second, slide to third, etc.). Do not leave on the first screen, nothing but beautiful background pictures. Empty first screen gives a feeling of peace whenever you use the phone. This is a deliberate inconvenience, a slight pause, “speed bumps”, designed to slightly slow down the road to distraction. If you unlock the phone by reflex, empty first screen will give you time to mentally ask yourself, “did I really want to escape?”

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